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Speedbox 2.1 Giant


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  • Speed ​​limiter: Shows your actual speed
  • Maximum speed with assistance: no limit
  • Activation mode: Walk assist button
  • Compatible with the following engines: Giant SyncDrive Life, Sport and Pro
  • Compatible with consoles: EVO and ONE
  • The use of this device is only allowed on private roads not open to the public.

Use Case

La SpeedBox 2 for your engine Giant 2019-2021 equipped with a ONE or EVO console (see below) is activated by pressing the WALK button on your box. As soon as you press the WALK button for 2 seconds, the motor will no longer be retained and will be able to assist you whatever your speed.

To turn off the Speedbox 2.1, just press the WALK button again. This means that your Speedbox 2.1 is disabled, so the assistance of your engine Giant will stop at 25 km / h.

2019 models equipped with the ONE control do not have a display. The only way to know if the kit Speedbox Giant 2.1 is active or not is to exceed 25 km / h.

How it works

Kit compatible with all engines GIANT equipped with RideControl ONE or EVO (see photo).

The kit Speedbox 2 for the motor Giant 2019 is equipped with a microprocessor that allows you to run your electric bike motor beyond the 25 km / h regulations. The motor continues to assist the rider regardless of the actual speed of the bicycle. This module is very easy to install because the connectors adapt perfectly to the original ones (the connectors remain well sealed). Once the motor has been reassembled, the release kit is housed in the housing and therefore completely invisible. It is possible to remove the kit from the console Giant ONE by performing the reverse operation.

You don't need to make any settings and the kit Speedbox 2 is powered by electricity supplied by your battery. The speedometer of your ebike Giant displays actual data (average speed, instantaneous speed, kilometers traveled, etc.).

Installation tutorial

  1. Switch off the electric bike
  2. Disconnect the battery from the electric bicycle.
  3. Disassemble all parts of the electric bicycle to access the motor connectors.
  4. Disconnect the connectors from the cable running from the motor to the speed sensor and from the motor to the display.
  5. Connect the SpeedBox 2 Giant 2.1 to disconnected connectors.
  6. Reassemble the engine.
  7. Connect (plug in) the battery to the electric bicycle.
  8. Turn on the electric bicycle.
  9. Activate / deactivate SpeedBox 2.1 Giant by pressing the WALK button.

The engine of Giant produced from 2017 is designed in partnership with Yamaha. The logo or acronym Giant appears on the engine with the words “SyncDrive”. Make sure you are equipped with the ONE or EVO control.

The Speedbox 2 Giant 2019 is compatible with all Giant engines equipped with a Ride Control ONE or EVO console.

In short

  • Removable: No
  • Driving control: Yes
  • Chip visible: No
  • Brand: Speedbox
  • Difficulty of installation: Intermediate
  • Displayed speed: Actual values
  • Maximum speed: Unlimited
  • Activation button: Power button
  • Unbridled engine: Giant, until 2021

The use of a type module Speedbox is prohibited
by the French Highway Code

  • The use of a tuning kit is allowed on private roads, only during competitions or practice.
  • It is forbidden to use a tuning kit for road use or in any area subject to the rules of the highway code.
  • The use of a tuning kit is done at the user's own risk.
  • Speedbox.fr declines all responsibility in the event of a violation of the Highway Code or of material and / or bodily damage resulting from the use of an unlocking kit for an electric bicycle.
  • Installing an unlock kit may void your electric bike warranty.